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   My publisher Ylva has asked me to write something of my history as a writer (especially as younger writers might not know what life was like before computers and before the Internet (gasp!) and they might find it interesting), and more specifically, the history of the Charity books which germinated from the seeds of stories planted in my head by my grandmother. 

   Ylva plans to format this as an e-book and offer it free of charge on their website.  In the meantime (they are very busy people) I am posting this simple, no-frills pdf which will be replaced by the spiffy e-book version as soon as it’s ready.

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For millennia, animals have been at our sides—as our companions, our workmates, and at the heart of the folk tales told by our early ancestors. In modern times, the emotional bond between humans and animals has frequently gone beyond interdependence: animals have become our most trusted friends.

Paulette celebrates the special role animals play in our lives in this new collection of stories, essays, and meditations.

Dogs, cats, horses, and a mouse, a wolf, a grizzly, and even a whale star in these stories, ranging in style and tone from the mystical to the personal, from funny vignettes to unsentimental explorations of why all these creatures belong in the fabric of life on our little planet. She shows how by making the effort to know these animals, we gain a deeper sense of our place as humans in this earthly tapestry.

Sure to appeal to anyone who has ever loved or tried to communicate with the creatures around us, Epiphany is an ode to what connects us all. Reading this collection, you just might experience an epiphany of your own and realize that we needn’t look to the stars to know we are not alone in the cosmos.

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Charity by Paulette Callen Fervent Charity by Paulette Callen

   Ylva Publishing has re-issued Charity and published Fervent Charity.
     Both books are available as e-books and print books
on and Barnes & Noble online.

     “I am so pleased to be part of this very special publishing firm.”

To read her interview with Ylva, please click here

Paulette’s Wild Women Mystery, Death Can Be Murder
is also available at and Barnes & Noble

Sally Kelleher, a grumpy heroine, and her four irrepressible baby-boomer friends are vacationing together in Sally’s small Midwestern hometown. Her elderly mentor has just died and Sally believes the death was no accident. She is attracted to a younger man who is also the chief suspect. Somebody is trying to kill her and she is nearing menopause. Who wouldn’t be grumpy?

Things are never what they seem in a small prairie town, where long suppressed rage erupts and kills. If Sally and her coterie of indomitable women do not discover the murderer, she will be the next victim.

Death Can Be Murder by Paulette Callen

Command of Silence by acclaimed author Paulette Callen

is now available at, Barnes & Noble
and other bookstores.

Command of Silence by Paulette Callen

Two children have been stolen at different times out of the same household, one an infant from a bedroom, the other stolen from a playground.

Into this baffling case enters Shiloh & Company, a unique detective “agency” composed of disparate personalities — Sugartime, Hester, Isadora, Lance, Olive, Hawk — who reside in the single person of Shiloh. Well known to a cooperative if uneasy police department for her investigative effectiveness, Shiloh's assorted identities, born out of extreme childhood trauma, have acquired a collective instinct, a priceless gift in detective work: an unerring tuning fork for the truth.

Shiloh has been nursed back to functioning health and sanity by therapist Ray Martinez, still intent on integrating all the self-protective personalities. But this case is lethal to Shiloh's very identity: a crime involving children cuts to the heart of what first brought Shiloh to Ray's attention. In pursuing this mystery, the fragile mental health and fragmented existence of Shiloh will be tested to its limit.

Allow yourself time for Command of Silence. Once you pick it up you will be reluctant to leave the compelling world of Shiloh and Company.

   “. . . this mystery is a rocket ship ride into a new galaxy of fiction.”

                                                                     --Mystery Magazine  

I am privileged to have had some of my work selected for the following anthologies.

Click on the covers if you’d like to order them from Amazon. But you don’t have to buy books. Check your local library. If they don’t have them, they could very likely order them through an interlibrary loan. Your librarian would love to help you.

dog blessings

In Dog Blessings I write about ZoŽ, a remarkable dog who was taken from a wild pack in Queens, adopted by my friend Erika, and who went on to became a therapy dog. This is her portrait. Her story is worth reading, as is this whole collection.




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Audacious Creativity is a good bed-side table book for inspiration before retiring or a shot of creative juice to start your morning.

Chariot of Fire,
Field of Grace.pdf

audacious creativity
beyond lament

Beyond Lament is a collection of poetry about the Holocaust. Once you dip into this volume, you may want to order it for yourself.

See, Nadia! pdf

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